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Wonderful Realistic Faces Generating from people of Famous Paintings (12 pics)

Denis Shiryaev is a famous You Tuber and he has been successfully recreating the faces of people from famous paintings. He has used the neural network platform to recreate those faces of the paintings. It seems like those faces have been done realistically.

According to the mind circle, he has recreated the famous people such as the face of Mona Lisa (1503 – 1506) of the painting of great artist Leonardo Da Vinci, 1940 Self Portrait of Frida Kahlo, The Birth of Venus (1485 -1486) painting by Sandro Botticelli, Lady with an Ermine (1489 – 1490) painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, The Night Watch (1642) Rembrandt Van Rijn, Girl with a Pearl earring (1665) by Johannes Vermeer. He has recreated those faces of these paintings precisely. These creations seem like bring those people back to life. The ability of Denis Shiryaev has showed through the success of these outcomes.

More info: Youtube | | Instagram

#1 Leonardo da Vinci – Mona Lisa (1503–1506)

#2 Frida Kahlo – Self-portrait (1940)

#3 Sandro Botticelli – The Birth of Venus (1485-1486)

#4 Leonardo da Vinci – Lady with an Ermine (1489-1490)

#5 Rembrandt van Rijn – The Night Watch (1642)

#6 Johannes Vermeer – Girl with a Pearl Earring (1665)


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