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When Lips Turn Into Artwork (25 NEW PICS)

People find new ways of making them attractive. Now a day fashions present highly active trends. Especially, without gender, both men and women chase for new trends of fashions. It has become competitive when everyone try to looking for new ways of fashions. The theme so called fashion is not a new trend which has been arising recently. Its origination expands to thousands of years back. Therefore, fashion never get old and it becomes a new way of trend in every second. Make up hold a major part of women’s everyday lives because they tend to look attractive and beautiful day by day.

It looks fabulous when creative minds meet make up. Among those, attractive lips makes women more attractive. Clever make-up artists make them charm and attractive. Andrea Reed is a clever make-up artist and according to the interview with Bored Panda, she has stated about the experience of her beautiful artworks on lips. She has been known as a best masterpiece who turns lips into fabulous with her own creative artworks. According to her, she does this artworks using portraits of pets, because she adores animals. She draws her artwork first on paper and then she gets her camera, lights ready and then begin to do her artworks on lips.

The following photos indicate the various artworks on lips done by Andrea Reed.

More Info: Girl Grey Beauty | Andrea Reed Art



























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