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Very Popular Japanese Food Recommendations

Very Popular Japanese Food Recommendations

In general, traditional Japanese food is said to be healthy food because it has sufficient protein, relatively low calories, and contains important nutrients. In principle, Japanese food is made with not too many spices and doesn’t take much time. Here are 20 types of food that you must try when you come to Japan!


Sushi is a dish that combines vinegar, rice and seafood (although other ingredients are sometimes used). There is a fermented type of sushi, known as nare-sushi, but the most common types of sushi are nigirizushi and temakizushi. There are many other ingredients available for those of you who don’t like raw fish, including boiled shrimp and grilled eel. You can find sushi all over Japan, but sushi from restaurants in upscale areas like Ginza or near fishing ports is especially delicious.


Tempura can be a seafood dish, fresh vegetables, or other ingredients that are dipped in a flour and egg mixture and then fried. While you can enjoy tempura at all kinds of restaurants, unless you want to try your best, we recommend going to a special tempura restaurant, where every dish will be served.


Another typical Japanese food that is almost similar to sushi, is called sashimi. The difference between sashimi and sushi lies in the rice. Sashimi is pure raw food with no additional additives needed, just soy sauce and/or wasabi.

Sashimi is made from marine animals and there are many types, there are even some sea fish that are poisonous enough to be used as sashimi. But don’t worry, the chef who processes this fish is definitely required to bring a permit to be able to process it.


Ramen is a soup dish that has become very popular and is considered a byword for Japanese food. Originally this soup was made from chicken bones, but recently pork, beef and seafood are also used in this soup to create a variety of flavors. Apart from the typical flavors of salt, soy sauce and miso, you can even find curry ramen flavors nowadays. There are also separate types of ramen noodles and soup, known as tsukemen.

Ramen is also one of the most popular Japanese foods in Indonesian society. If you have tasted ramen in Indonesia before, then don’t miss the chance to taste ramen straight from its country of origin.

When compared to other noodles, ramen noodles have a thinner shape. Ramen is usually served with various kinds of broth flavors, such as miso and shoyu which are also mixed with various kinds of vegetables, both seaweed and bean sprouts.


Don’t miss this Japanese specialty. Udon is a type of noodle from Japan which is mostly made from wheat flour. Besides that, udon is usually served using broth with various kinds of toppings. Udon is also served with hot sauce. However, there are also cold udon dishes. The shape and size of udon has a thickness that is thicker than regular noodles. Usually noodles are square or not round thin, but some are flat.

Japan actually does not only have typical food in the form of noodles from udon and ramen, but also soba. Soba and udon are types that are almost the same thickness and are popular in Japan. Reporting from To distinguish it, most of it can be observed based on its color. Udon is white because it is made from wheat flour, while buckwheat is darker because it is made from buckwheat flour.

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