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UK Countdown for King Charles’ Coronation

We have brought some facts about King Charles’ coronation in our previous article. The coronation ceremony is taking place on today 06th May Saturday morning. This magnificient opportunity will be held at Westminster Abbey in London. Almost UK countdown for King Charles coronation.

However, despite the rain and climate changes, lots of crowd has already gathered along the procession route. King Charles and Queen Consort are preparing for royal ride to Westminster Abbey.

Crowed have gathered along side the procession route

#All Set For The Coronation

London City has Set up with all preparation

There will be huge ceremony dedicating the coronation ceremony. on the top of that, high security operation has been set. moreover, about 100 of Head of State will be attending for the coronation ceremony of King Charles and Queen Consort.

Royal Carriage

Attendees from the Royal Family

As usually, many members of King Charles and Camila are attending for the coronation. Prince William and Princess Catherine will also be attending. Apart from that, the King’s siblings Anne, Princess Royal and Edward, Duke of Edinburgh are also attending for the coronation ceremony. Most significantly, Prince Harry confirmed that he would attend, but his wife would not. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York is also attending. His daughter Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie will attend.  Prince George, the son of Prince William and Princess Catherine as the second in line to the throne will be attending with honor. Queen Consort’s grandchildren are also attending for the ceremony such as Gus, Louis Lopes, Freddy Parker, Arthur Elliot and Bowles.

The US first lady, Princess of Wales and First lady of Ukraine at the pre coronation reception


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