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Today is The World Lizard Day (25 pics)

World Lizard Day is observed on 14th August consistently in every year. It is supposed to be raise awareness of extinction of lizards through World Lizard day. Lizards are known as one of the important animal being around our ecosystem. They help with pest control as well as they known as a food resource for animals like cats, iguanas and many other animals. There are about more than 6000 of lizard genres around the world. Some of them are classified under threatened genre category. Most especially, this is because most of them getting to victimization of other animals.

However, a creator or maker of the World Lizard Day is unknown yet. The existence of these reptiles goes back to more than 200 years ago. They can be found around the every corner of the world, but in Antarctica, their existence is unavailable. The World Lizard day is a most ideal opportunity for those who are interested in in the fields of reptiles including lizards or any other and it gives them a valuable opportunity to spread awareness and interesting facts about this reptiles among communities.

These are some rare photos of lizard genres around the world.

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Since it is the World Lizard Day today, there are some facts about lizards. Lizards are categorized under various genres while some of them being insectivores and others being carnivores and omnivore. Some of lizards can change their color.

Some of them can stay on hardly three meals per year. Some of lizards can change their characteristics according to the geographical environmental surrounding they are live in. even though many people are not interested in these animals, the importance and the massage try to spread through the World Lizard Day is the specific role these creatures have in order to maintain the ecological balance of the planet. Moreover, the awareness among people is very important so that the extinction of them can be minimized.






















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