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This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Crappy Wildlife Photos

The lives of wildlife photographers are flowing with exploring the undiscovered corners of the animals. This process is not an easy procedure. When they go out and look for better scenery of the animals, they have to spend their time for hours and hours to capture the different animals’ way to gain a better outcome with high worthiness. In this process, the dedication, patience, enthusiasm and also interest in the field are needed. Knowing the significance of their job role is depend on the better and creative outcomes.

A facebook group called Crap Wildlife Photography has taken measures to capture animals’ unique and most adorable behaviors that can be seen rarely. Even though these pictures are composed poorly and out of focus, the Crap Wildlife Photography has highlighted their creative sides. Some pictures can be weird. But they shows them to illustrate their funny side.

As the Professional Photographers have stated, we can’t capture the animals the way we want. We can’t communicate with wild animals to stay this way and that, stay cute, smile etc. that is why the photographers must have patience and dedication, because they have to wait to capture until those animals behave like crazy or cute and vise versa. The longer time photographers spend, the possibility of capture worthy and unique photos is higher. However, this is not an easy process since wildlife photographers are always dealing with animals, not human. Moreover, if the process to be more realistic and creativity, they have to deal with risky situations. Sometimes, they may spend a lot of days to get the best caption as they satisfied with. Photographer should have a different artistic way of thinking. So we can signify it as a challenging game consist of lot of efforts and patience in order to proceed a beautiful and creative outcome inside the animals’ world


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Nicole May Wilkinson


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