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The London Underground during the 1940 – 1941 Blitz

The world history is an interesting topic to exploration. The world history is a mixture of various incidents with confusion, exploits, defeats as well as triumphs. On the other hand, it can be taken as an example of a mixture of bipolar world. According to the bored panda, Lottie who is passionate about collecting pictures of historical events colorizing them from black and white background. When these pictures are colorized they can be considered as relatable as today.

The era of the Second World War was mixture of dangerous events in history. People tried everything they can in order to prevent themselves during the Second World War period. Lottie has colorized pictures regarding the opportunities of the Second World War. When we look into those pictures, it feels these events are so relatable even as today.

These pictures indicate how people survived in the London underground, tube stations and tunnels. When look at these pictures, it feels like scary that how much difficulties they were going through.

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