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The Best Pictures of 2021 Drone Photo Award (15pics)

The Drone Award is the main international contest of aerial photography. The 2021 Drone Award was goes to Norwegian photographer Terje Kolaas. The winning photo was titled as Pink-Footed Geese Meeting the Winter, which was shot in central Norway and portrays geese flying towards Svalbard, in the Arctic, with the landscape still covered with snow as stated in the Bored Panda. In this photo, it is clearly shown the climate change through the early arrival of birds. This photo was selected from thousands of photos submitted by multiple photographers from 102 countries around the world. Specially, this photo will be showcased in “Above Us Only Sky” exhibition in upcoming winter season.

#1 Duoyishu Terraces by Ran Tian – this is the aerial view of famous duoyishu terrace. Rice is grown can be seen in everywhere in this photo and the colors of different rice fields has added a unique shadow to this picture

#2 Back to Adventure by Qasim Al Farsi – This photo was taken the 1st place in wildlife Photography. The area in which the phot was captured is the Oman coastline between Ras Al Jinz and Rashad Turtle reserve. The phot is indicated a turtle heading back to the water after laying down eggs

#3 Passaggio Sospeso by Paolo Crocetta – this photo with beautiful surrounding was taken while the Vaccanonesa train ride to Torento through an apple orchards

#4 Pure Power By Phil De Glanville – this photo is a best example of showing the unique power of a wave. This photo was taken on the Southwest coast of Western Australia

#5 Colorful Terraces by Tuan Nguyen Tan- This is the view of terraced rice field where water pours from one field to another during May. The surface is more colorful with the mixture of these natural things

#6 Camel Shadows at Sunset by Jim Picôt – with the light of surrounding it has added a unique shadow to this journey of humans with camels

#7 Pray for Souls by Phu Khanh Bui – This is a ritual of Vietnamese culture and during in the full moon of July, every women with dressing of traditional costumes and join the colored lantern and flower-garland releasing festival on the river to pray for happiness and good luck to their families

#8 Hippopotamus Group From Above By Talib Almarri – A group of hippopotamus has been captures while they are bathing

#9 Metaphorical Statement About City And Winter By Sergei Poletaev – This is a view of a 500-year-old monastery in the Moscow region and a large power plant in the background. The steam from the cooling towers is particularly dense due to severe frost.”

#10 Gold at The End of the Rainbow by Phil De Glanville – This is an opportunity of surfing and escape frommonster wave off the coast of South West Western Australia.”

#11 The Great Divide by Janessa Anderson – This is a wonderful aerial view of Ice sheets drift apart on a glacial-fed lake

#12 Buddhists are Praying by Khanh Phan – In the New Year of New Year at Hoang Phap pagoda in Hoc Mon District, thousands of Buddhists are praying has been captures amazingly.

#13 Polar Bear Hunting by Florian Ledoux – This is an opportunity of a Polar bear hunting seal from an iceberg in Svalbard during the summer while the sea ice is gone all the way north to 83°N.

#14 Henningsvær by Nando Harmsen – This is the view of Henningsvær at Lofoten. The specialty if this is a fishing town with wonderful football field which force to live here and play in this wonderful surrounding.

#15 Fast Food By Igor Altuna – This photo became a Runner-Up in Wildlife Photography. This photo was taken in Zambia. Two male lion brothers killed a buffalo, and after eating for a day they left the remains to the others



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