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The Beauty & The Uniqueness of Kenyan Tribes (18pics)

African Subcontinent consisting of people with different cultures, customs, religious factors, languages, and different lifestyles. Among them, Kenya is a land of great diversity in its cultures and people. Kenyan culture is a collection of different languages and culture. Most especially, Kenya has about 42 tribes and these people have a great diversity in their lifestyles and daily belief. The big tribes have supremacy among the land and the cultural diversity is a big influence around the land.

However this cultural diversity in Kenya has a very interesting mixture of beauty and unique ways of lifestyle such as traditional dress, clothing, hair styles, and customs. Every tribes has their own way of traditional dressing and it makes such a unique way of interest. Different people have different practices. The language is a major criteria among Kenyan tribes while some of them have their own way of speaking of traditional language. They also celebrate their ceremonial opportunities as big events and they dresses and performs their inherent ways of practices.

According to the Mind Circle, photographer Omar Reda has taken the collection of pictures which indicate the uniqueness and beauty of indigenous people in Kenya.




















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