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The Beauty of Birds From The Front (20 new pics)

The beauty of birds add elegance to the nature. There are thousands of variety birds all around the world. These birds are different from one another. There are lots of bird categories. Birds are known as innocent animal figures in the animal world. Different birds have different kinds of skills like some birds can run, jump, swim and dive. Some birds like penguins can’t fly even though they have feathers. Birds are living in worldwide with different abilities which are different from each other. Lots of birds are not harmful animals and they are vegetarian while there are some birds who eats meat of animals. However, birds can give different looks and beauty and uniqueness to the environment.

According to the Demilked, there’s a Dutch wildlife photographer called Ruurd Jelle Van der Leij who has been doing his own creative project called FRONTALS for many years. Through this project he has been capturing hundreds of birds and their actions. He has discovered different ways of birds and how they are different from one another. Moreover, he expects to show some funny and hilarious sides of birds through this project.  So he has captured hundreds of ways of birds and the outcome of their appearance have become viral worldwide. The below pictures are the beautiful photography of birds that will make laugh and funny.

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#01 Spoonbill

#02 Short-Eared Owl

#03 Marsh Tit

#04 Wood Pigeon

#05 Red-Breasted Goose

#06 Great Egret

#07 Black Stork

#08 Red Kite

#09 Great Bittern

#10 Waxwing

#11 Lesser Black Backed Gull

#12 Common Whitethroat

#13 Magpie

#14 Hawfinch

#15  Long-Eared Owl

#16 Bluethroat

#17 Kingfisher

#18 Robin

#19 Grey Patridge

#20 Bearded Tit


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