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“Sultan the Pit Pony”Earth Sculpture In The UK

Sultan the Pit Pony is an earth sculpture of a horse which is located in South Wales, UK over 650 foot long. This amazing sculpture was designed and built by Wales’s artist Mick Petts. This was raised to recall the ponies who were used in carrying the mines’ coal between the centuries of 18th – 20th. This sculpture was built with about 60,000 tons of coal and shale. The main role of the artist was to recreate the landscape with sculptural icon and release this into mountainside. After the sculpture was completed it was known as ‘SULTAN’ after it becomes a prize winning pony. The park Penalta is a famous destination for locals as well as foreigners as the popularity of Sultan the Pit Pony gets high. This art work is known as the largest earth sculpture in the United Kingdom.

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