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Socotra Island(32 Pics)

Socotra is an island located in the Indian Ocean and about 210 miles it owns to Yemen. Socotra Island has a thousand years of history and it has been ruled by several emperors from time to time. After this island was devastated in 2015, it has become most isolated one in the continent. The island has been affected by the environmental changes due to high effects of seasons from time to time. During the month from May to September, the island is drawn into heat, drought, hurricane and monsoon. During the period of October to December, northeast monsoon and softening wind can be felt in the island.

In the ancient time, a team of the United Nations conducted a survey about island’ flora and fauna and they succeed finding several kind of endemic species which can’t be seen anywhere on the planet. The island has rare sources and it increase the uniqueness of the Socotra Island. However, due to these worthy resources, the United Nations’ sub organization UNSCO has taken various measure to discover the status of the island furthermore and tried to make efforts to protect the environment of the island.

However, according to the boredpanda, there are some threats to Socotra such as climate changes, alien species, anthropogenic impact etc. the symbol of Socotra can be known as Dragon tree. In the ancient time, people used these resources for heal some sicknesses and therefore they were very useful even though the island has become isolate in the current time.  The wonder of the Socotra Island are illustrated in below pictures.

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