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Perfect Brand Logos Created with Graphic Design by Combine of Two Elements (13pics)

Graphic Design can be considered as a method of communicating through visual content. There are various methods of Graphic Design. By using colors, form, shape, size, texture, space, graphic designers create various creations with planning, projecting and practically creating. We can communicate, sharing ideas, give some information through graphic design. These designs can be created as business logos, flyers, layouts etc. it is a composition of different fields. There are many professionals in this field and they create various graphic designing in their own ways. Different designs explain different ideas and give various messages to the community.

According to the Demilked, there’s a graphic designer from India who has created various new ways by using his own ways. The outcomes of these logos has become a combination of animals and nature. However, these outcomes of individual creation or logos show the creativity and the skill of the designer and also, show that how much of attention is needed in order to compose two different things to create an individual thing.

The below pictures indicate wonderful outcomes of popular brand logos created by the Indian graphic designer:

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#1 Bird Vision

#2 Elewine

#3 Fox Garage

#4 Owl Rider

#5 Fox Love

#6 Penguin Love

#7 Flight Kid Express

#8 Hippo Gamer

#9 Bear Wine

#10 Skull Quotes

#11 Rabbit Family

#12 Dog Family

#13 Horse Pizza


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