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Most Impressive Shots From wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is a world famous tournament which is held every years and most of unique and amazing pictures of animals taken by skillful photographers are awarded for their hard work and creativity. Now it is again time to look into the most precious captions taken by skilled photographer to be awarded for the year of 2021. According to the Bored Panda, currently in the process of evaluating the record breaking 50,000 + submissions by photographers from 95 countries all around the world.

This competition is organized by the National History Museum has shared some of the most highly commended photos of animals taken by amazing talented photographers around the world. Below pictures have been nominated for best wildlife photos of the year 2021.

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#1 Storm Fox By Jonny Armstrong (USA)

#2 The Great Swim By Buddhilini De Soyza (Sri Lanka/Australia)

#3 Raw Moment By Lara Jackson (UK)

#4 Mushroom Magic By Juergen Freund (Germany/Australia)

#5 Lynx On The Threshold By Sergio Marijuán (Spain)

#6 Lockdown Chicks By Gagana Mendis Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka)

#7 Apollo Landing By Emelin Dupieux (France)

#8 A Caring Hand By Douglas Gimesy (Australia)

#9 Up For Grabs By Jack Zhi (USA)

#10 The Gripping End By Wei Fu (Thailand)

#11 Net Loss By Audun Rikardsen (Norway)

#12 Beautiful Bloodsucker By Gil Wizen By (Israel/Canada)

#13 Toxic Design By Gheorghe Popa (Romania)

#14 Deep Feelers By Laurent Ballesta (France)

#15 Natural Magnetism By Jaime Culebras (Spain)

#16 The Nurturing Wetland By Rakesh Pulapa (India), Highly Commended In Wetlands – The Bigger Picture


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