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Most Haunted Ghost Places in the World

We are heading to a globalized world with newly formed technologies and scientific intelligence. Even though it is hard to believe the facts about ghosts based on scientific myths, stories remain ingrained in society. We have heard such kind of stories through classical novels, movies, and other literary works. Significantly, the beliefs about ghosts exist even in Western countries which are out of traditional minds. Most of Western people believe them even today with their experience. This article brings about popular Most haunted mysterious ghost Places in the world.

#1  Rehabilitation Center in Ohio, United States, Haunted Ghost Places

Prior to the construction of this rehabilitation center in Ohio, United States, there was a soldier camp in this place. Years later, They built this rehabilitation center to juvenile convicts and taught them about trade. This center opened its functions from 1896-1990 and They used this center to rehabilitate more than 150,000 peoples. However, this place has become a frequent destination said to be exploring ghosts. There are some saying about unrecognized hearings and sounds exist in this place. Some people say they have heard of walking sounds. In addition, there is saying about roaming ghost, which was a dead wife of a custodian who worked here. This is one of the most haunted mysterious ghost Places in Western countries today.

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#2 RMS Queen Mary Ship, California, One of Haunted Ghost Places in the World

This ship was built in Scotland in 1930.  The shop was used to transit across Atlantic since 1936s. This ship can carry more than 1,900 passengers. At the early days of the ship’ proceedings, there were prominent characters on board. Hollywood actors and members of the British royal family were among them. The ship served as a warship during the World War period. Hence, people started calling this as “Gray Ghost”.  During the World War 2  the shop carried more than 765,000 soldiers.  The ship met with an accident with another ship in Irish water in 1942.  This was a reason for 300 deaths. Today, Queen Mary has retired and anchored at long beach, California. Public have opportunity to watch this. Some visitors say hear sound of water moving and screams of calling assistance from the swimming pool of the ship. Therefore, this ship also known as one of ghost place in the world.

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#3 Stanley Hotel, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel is also one of the popular ghost place in the world. The hotel started its operations in 1909. The hotel was the related story of the thriller novel, “The Shining”. Stewan King and his wife stayed at the hotel in 1975 and they were the only guests at that period. During their stay, they experienced some mysterious things.  There are many believes that the Stanley and his wife’ ghost roam here. A servant of the hotel was injured at the room 217 in 1911 and died here. Since then, several guests stayed at 217 room have seen her ghost. In addition there are some incidents with sounds of children running, moving certain items, turning on and off bulbs etc.

The Stanley Hotel

#4 Mifflin Fortress, Pennsylvania, USA

The fort was built in 1777and functioned as a military spot for a long time period. The British invaded the fort and it was a large bomb blasting attack. The fort was rebuilt later and used as ammunition depot during the two World Wars. This finaly used in 1954. This fort has become a popular tourist destination today. There are some saying that ghosts roam here. A civilian prisoner called Billy Howe was hanged inside the Mifflin castle. His ghosts also among the ghosts roam here.  Moreover, some people have said that they saw a headless man wondering near this place.

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#5 Doll Island, Mexico

This is a small island where dolls are hanging on trees. Some years ago, a man lived near the canal saw a dead child with a doll. Then he hanged the doll on a tree commemorate the girl. Since then, he collected all the parts of broken dolls and hung around the trees of the island. In 2001, he drowned in the same canal. Several visitor to the island say about mysteries things on the island. Therefore, the island became a ghost place in the world.

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#6 Valley House, California

Thomas Valley built this home in 1857. Before they built the house, Set of people hanged a man called yankee Jim Robinson on charge of stealing this land. Thomas family had to face tragedy incidents after they settled to the house. At first their children died. Years later, Thomas and his wife also died prematurely. Since then most of people say that their ghosts are hunting the house. Even the ghosts of their animals. In addition, mysterious events also happened in this house. However, after 1950s, the house became a museum.

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finally, we can say that there are plenty of haunted ghost places around the world. these places are worth to be explored.


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