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Largest Slums in the World

According the United Nations Specialized Agency, the UN HABITAT, slums are considered as a vulnerable area of the city. These are characterized as poor housing and lack of housing status. According to the United Nations, about one billion people in the world live in slums. And also it is expected to be increased to two millions by 2030.  In every country in the world, there are proportionate amount of people who do not have permanent housing. Therefore, they are used to live in slums. However, people live in slums spend a miserable lives. This article brings you the largest slums in the world.

01. Khailitsha,The Largest Slums in South Africa

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Firstly, we introduce about a largest slum in the world. In 1983, the Khailitsha slum was established upon the decision by the government due to illegal immigrants existing in Cape Town. At present, there are 4.5 million people live in Khailitsha. Due to this slum did not have proper toilet and sanitary systems, number of health problems have arisen. Addiction to drugs, violations, unemployment, illegal employment, spreading of health diseases are serious problems around this slum.

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02. Kibera, The Largest Slums in Kenya

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Secondly, we move into the Kibera slum which is situated in Nairobi, Kenya. Kibera has 2.4 million population.  Inadequate water, toilet problems are major problems of Kibera. Because of people in Kibera engage in unexpected sex, therefore there are large number of unexpected pregnancies happen. Large number of people are suffering from AIDS. Therefore, HIV tests for Kibera people are done by NGOs. There are counseling programs are undergoing for Kibera people.

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03. Dharawi, India

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Thirdly, we are going to talk about the Dharawi slum. Dharawi slum was established in 1884. During the colonial era, poor Indians settled on this slum. However, till today, people live in Dharawi are skilled in any industry. Hence, small factories are still operating in Dharawi. There are about 15,000 single room factories. And also, sanitary problems, inadequate water supplement, toilet issues are major problems. Therefore, people are suffering from cholera, leprosy and typhoid.

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04. Orangi, Pakistan

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Finally, Orangi which is the largest slum in the world. This is located I Karachi, Pakistan. There are 2.4 million people are living in Orangi. Moreover, water scarcity is the major problem facing Orangi. Therefore, people are suffering from numerous diseases.

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