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King Charles’ Coronation

King Charles & Queen Consort will be crowned at Westminster Abbey on 06th March 2023
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The Royal family in London is going to be in another exciting milestone with upcoming ceremony. First we need to explain what this exciting ceremony and how it is going to be. This amazing news is about the coronation ceremony of King Charles III in Britain. A coronation is a religious ceremony where the monarch is crowned. In this occasion, sovereign power and other acts are placing on the crown of the monarch. As well as it is formalize the role of monarch as Head of the Church of England. Moreover, all the titles and powers are placing over the crown on Monarch’ head. This article brings you some exciting facts about upcoming coronation of King Charles.

All Things are Set Up for Coronation

King Charles III’ Coronation ceremony will take place on 06th May 2023. The King will be crowned with Camila, Queen Consort. The Coronation ceremony will be held at Westminster Abbey in London. However, there will be a normal ceremony this time rather than previous ceremony held for his mother in 1953. Not only but also 2000 people are already been invited for this coronation ceremony.

Attendees from the Royal Family

As usually, many members of King Charles and Camila are attending for the coronation. Prince William and Princess Catherine will also be attending. Apart from that, the King’s siblings Anne, Princess Royal and Edward, Duke of Edinburgh are also attending for the coronation ceremony. Most significantly, Prince Harry confirmed that he would attend, but his wife would not. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York is also attending. His daughter Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie will attend.  Prince George, the son of Prince William and Princess Catherine as the second in line to the throne will be attending with honor. Queen Consort’s grandchildren are also attending for the ceremony such as Gus, Louis Lopes, Freddy Parker, Arthur Elliot and Bowles.

Speculation over Prince Harry’s participation to the coronation
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Other VIP Participants to the Ceremony

Official invitation of King Charles’ Coronation
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In addition to the Royal family, invited participants will be the Prime Minister, Parliament representatives and the Head of State. However, US President Joe Biden has claimed that he would not attend the coronation. But the First Lady Jill Biden will attend on his behalf.  French President Emmanuel Macron will also be there. Polish President Andrzej Duda and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos will be attending. Apart from that, representatives from Commonwealth around the world will also attend the coronation.

Coronation Take Place Fabulous Way

At the Coronation, the King and Queen Consort will travel to Westminster Abbey. They will ride the Diamond Jubilee State Coach. More than 6000 armed forced will take part in the ceremony. The King will worn the 17th century St Edward’s Crown. Queen Consort will worn the Queen Mary’s Crown. The coronation ceremony will be live broadcasted via BBC One and BBC Radio.

Popular celebrities are participating the upcoming event

As well as Buckingham Palace has announced various event to take place for this celebration. There will be a concert at Windsor Castle on 07th May. Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Take That will feature.  During the coronation weekend, pubs, clubs and bars across England are informed to open an extra two hours on Friday and Saturday. In addition there will be lots of street parties and people are celebrating them.


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