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Historical Figures Recreated Using Artificial Intelligence

With the development of new technological inventions within the globalized world, Artificial Intelligence can be seen as a part of technology combined with the computer science. Artificial Intelligence is very popular subject in the current world. It is widely spreading to the technological and business world. Through artificial intelligence, human intelligence is being programmed in computer machines to work like humans such as thinking, learning, recognizing problems and solving them. Hence people have succeed to go through new experiments using artificial intelligence.

According to the Demilked, Nathan Shipley is well experienced technical director, technologist and a creative digital artist over many years. As stated in the Demilekd, in his projects, he has tried to use artificial intelligence to create realistic recreation of several historical figures.

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#01 William Shakespeare

The greatest playwright, poet and actor William Shakespeare was a supreme artistic figure in late 16th and 17th century in England. He did a greatest service in the art and literature giving a flavor to the audience of 17th century. Nathan Shipley has recreated of this greatest figure more realistically using artificial intelligence.

#02 King Henry VIII

The king Henry VIII was a powerful historical figure who ruled the England during the period of 1509 – 1547. Nathan Shipley has been able to show his glory with the way he starring at and his clothes, jewelries more realistically.

#03 Anne Boelyn

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry VII. She was a well educated and gorgeous queen in England. However, she was beheaded by her own husband King Henry VII after being accused and confined to the London Tower. Her portrait has beautifully created through artificial intelligence.

#04 Queen Elizabeth I (Young)

The queen Elizabeth I was born as the daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife Ann Boleyn. The below painting was done when she was at 13 years of her age and Nathan Shipley has recreated it properly.

#05 George Washington

George Washington was a powerful American political figure who served as the first President of the United States of America during the period of 1789 -1797. The below picture illustrate a recreation of the American president.

     In addition, Nathan Shipley has gotten efforts to recreate several historical figure are as follows:

#06 Mary Tudor

#07 Henry VII

#08 Queen Elizabeth I (Old)

#09 Edward VI

#10 Queen Elizabeth I (Middle Aged)


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