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Funny & Hilarious Sculptures Created Using Awkward Animal Photos By the Japanese Sculptor Meetissai

Sculpture is an interesting art which creates as statues by wood or stone. There are many kind of sculptures. The first sculpture was made more than hundred years ago. At that time ancient people created them as small animals and various human figures for religious purposes. The success and the quality outcome of the sculpture is depend on the creativity of the sculptor artist. There are lot of famous sculptures of the world history such as David of Michael Angelo, The Thinker, Venus de Milo, Statue of Liberty National Monument, Great Sphinx of Giza, Nefertiti Bust, Venus of Willendorf, Madonna of Bruges etc.

According to the Demilked, the Japanese sculpture artist Meetissai has taken some funny and awkward measures to create sculptures using awkward animal photos. However, these sculptures has some kind of hilarious and unique theme and therefore, these creation has been viral around the world. Sometime the artist has tried to show overlooking view through these sculptures rather than in the animal photo. However, sculptor Meetissai has not ruined the outcome because of his creativity and talent. The sculptor Meetissai has been appreciated for his creative and hilarious sculptures.

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