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“Forst Zinna” – The Ruins of Adolf Hitler

Hitler was the most powerful leader of Nazi Germany during the World War. They burried him in Berlin, Germany. Abandoned things always have a different beauty. In this article we will discuss about the “Forst Zinna” – The Ruins of Adolf Hitler. These ruins consist of an army complex which generally known as Forst Zinna.  During the era of 1990s to 1930s, large number of Nazis, Soviets and East Germans had initiated their political and military training among the cities of Brandenburg, Luckenwalde and Juterbog. During the period of 1990 – 1930s an army camp called Larger However in today, all of these military initiatives are generally known as Forst Zinna.

#1Forst Zinna

1.Facilities in Forst Zinna

At first, Adolf Hitler Larger, consisted of large number of facilities. Therefore, this includes buildings with large spaces, quarters, cinemas, casinos of military officers and swimming pools. And They also had enough works to implement within those areas. Apart from that, by 1937 Adolf Hitler was able to build his own train station successfully. Moreover, They used the place to train massive number of military operations during these periods. Not only but also, even they had secret bunkers, named as Zeppelin.I And they trained thousands of military officers here in Forst Zinna.

#1.2 Adolf Hitler’ Larger

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#1.3 Inside the Larger
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2.what the Forst Zinna was used for?

However, after the Second World War, They used the this place as a place for secure of victims of Second World War. They set up large number of people from different countries in Forst Zinna. That was either with or without their consent. After that, Soviets turned this place into a Nazis camp. After several years of Soviet operations on here, On 01st January in 1991 they handed over the place to the newly unified Germans. The Germans did not have enough strong military usage and with abandon of the Soviet barracks, it has gained efforts to demolish the Forst Zinna and its surrounding. However, there are some parts left and some of them have started falling down.  Currently it has completely become an abandoned Soviet military base.

#2.1 It Was Used as a Nazi Camp


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