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Food Reviews And Holiday Experiences To The Dominican Republic

Food Reviews And Holiday Experiences To The Dominican Republic

Cooking Class with Chef Emilie

Chef Emilie has over 20 years of experience cooking Dominican cuisine. His long history with the country’s traditional food has given him the knowledge and confidence to add home-style fare to rival the most refined dishes. Utilizing the finest fresh ingredients available and impeccable techniques developed over his long career, Chef Omar is able to innovate local favorites.

The joy for the food lover comes from grabbing one of his cooking classes and getting in on the action himself. Chef Emilie’s class “A Native Taste,” for example, shows how to make three popular Dominican dishes.

To start, the guests learn how to make crispy cassava sticks. Although often confused with yucca, cassava is actually a starchy, tuberous root that, when dried, becomes tapioca. In Chef Omar’s preparation, the cassava root is seasoned and boiled, then cut into sticks — a big job for a class volunteer — and fried in hot oil. Fried cassava sticks have a texture similar to French fries and are just as addictive.

For the main course, Chef Emilie serves traditional sancocho, which she describes as “the most representative Dominican recipe.” Made from a variety of meats and vegetables that are simmered with to form a thick and delicious soup, Chef Omar’s sashocho is finished with cilantro, oregano and citrus bitters, which transforms him from a simple soup into a culinary delight.

Finally, an easy and refreshing dessert is provided as the ultimate compliment to end a heavy meal. Bowls of tropical fruit seasoned with local herbs and spices achieve a drizzle—heavy or light, depending on who’s pouring—Dominican ruminants are popular for bites that have just the right amount of sweetness with the perfect little kick.

Information regarding classes with Chef Martín Omar is available at the emilierestaurant.

Food Reviews


Sancocho is a traditional soup from the Dominican Republic. This soup is usually served on certain occasions such as New Year’s parties. But nowadays many restaurants there serve this soup menu for you to enjoy. This soup consists of vegetables such as corn, yucca, cilantro, and pumpkin. Often also added plantains in it. As for the meat, many serve Sancocho with various kinds of meat mixtures such as pork, chicken and beef. The unique taste of vegetables and meat is what makes sacocho one of 10 dishes you must try in the Dominican Republic.


People in the Dominican Republic really like plantains, so it’s not surprising that many of their food menus are made from this one fruit. Mangu is one of the 10 must-try dishes of the Dominican Republic which is made from plantains. If usually these bananas are processed for sweet culinary delights, Mangu adds a different culinary experience. This specialty dish is a blend of grown plantains, and is usually served with eggs, fried Dominican-style salami, and fried cheese called Queso Frito. This dish is often referred to as Los Trep Golpes which is usually used for breakfast. You can’t miss this complete menu package in your food choices.

Chimichurri burger

Chimichurri burger is a typical Dominican hamburger which is also famous as a delicious street food. This meal calls for a patty, spices, such as oregano, garlic, parsley, and red pepper flakes.

Like most burgers, this food is provided in a bun. Then it is topped with various fillings, such as mayonnaise, shredded cabbage, tomatoes and onions.


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