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Fashion Photo shoot in Underwater (17pics)

Underwater photoshoots have become more popular concept in some countries. The beauty, flowing, colorful and long dresses are more works compatible with water. However, doing this kind of long process under water may bring certain risks and therefore assistance is needed from well-experienced responsible party. Models have to prepare for breathing techniques before doing underwater photo shoots. These breathing techniques are more helpful to keep the model more peaceful, natural as well as relaxed in nature underwater. Prepared with a good health must be need for those who are doing underwater photoshoots. Underwater photoshoot have some techniques on their own. Movements of models should be very slow and it stop making the model get tired. Breathing techniques are very useful. In addition to that, dresses, make ups, and using eye drop due to eyes getting dry are some major criteria that must be overlooked when doing underwater photoshoot.

An Ireland model, Inessa has done underwater photoshoot in Mexico and she had trained for three days before doing the photoshoot. They spent about six hours in the water for doing this photo shoot and it became worth the effort. These are the photos took from that photoshoot.

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