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Eye Catching Mermaids Tiaras Using Actual Seashells (20pics)

There are multiple people around the world who owns various abilities in their own ways. Among them, there are some people who has unique and creative minds are everywhere. Chelsea Shiels is a florist who can create beautiful crowns using natural resources. At first, she has been using lots of flowers to make beautiful crowns. But recently, she has got an idea of making crowns using actual seashells and now she is enjoying making seashells crowns in her own way.

According to the, Chelsea has explained that she has an interest about beach and she always used to roam around beach and therefore she thinks that her interest and idea for making crowns using actual seashells comes from. She started this as a hobby but now it has become a business. These seashells crowns has become more popular accessories and they get fairytale looks with Hawaii theme. Seashells crowns can be seen in most of parties, events as well as they are used for photoshoots as jewelries.  These are some seashells mermaid tiaras made by Chelsea are as follows.

More info: instagram | facebook  (h/t: boredpanda)

Visit Chelsea’s Etsy shop to grab yours.






















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