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Covid 19 & the Tattoo World

As the Covid 19 pandemic has begun to spread throughout the world, Corona virus themed tattoos are becoming a unique and interesting art which reminds what kind of experience people had fighting with the pandemic around the world. During the lockdown period in many countries due to Covid 19, many tattoo artists found an interesting source to make Covid 19 themed tattoos.  In fact Covid 19 themed tattoos became viral around the world.

Since the pandemic seize throughout the world economy, it directly affected for all the people around the world. Even the tattoo shops were closed but those tattoo artists had to stand still. According to the tattoo artists, tattoo give people some kind of reminders what they have been going through in the past, as well as it provides some kind of comfort and rest to human mind who are struggling with an immense pandemic situation. They see it just as remind of “we really faced that kind of pandemic and smoothly overcame with patience and secure”. Especially this is not for identify people’ identity. Tattoo helps to bring rest for people. Multiple people around the world used to gain this art to make or remake their complex lifestyle. Since the most tattoo shops reopened after the lockdown around the world, most tattoo artists began to make various Covid 19 tattoos to with the intention of add some uniqueness to the arts.





These two tattoos may indicate same meaning of eternal service and dedication of those who are working in the medical services. The dedication, responsibility and the power of a nurse. To give their own services without hesitation and power of gain the risk to give their workforce are mainly aim at rescuing multiple people who are suffering from Covid 19.



This tattoo is a best example of tattoo shows people sense and mentality with the situation of their surroundings. Children are locked in their own homes and they cannot make friends go to the society and enjoy their childhood properly due this chaos. They can’t feel their freedom. This tattoo indicated the childhood which have been clawed by the Covid 19 from children around the world.



All the human beings can be affected by any pandemic situation. Most of people only think about themselves, or their families or there may be a notion that animals do not get caught by the pandemic. However society and people should think about their pets who are in their homes in this kind of situation. They also should be secured by their owners. This tattoo indicates the consideration of animals as well as people.




Moreover, most of tattoo artists around the world have come up with the idea of spreading healthy guidelines through Covid 19 themed tattoos. Security and having healthy habits are needed among people in order to be secured by Covid 19. These massages have been spread very artistically through tattoos. This tattoo indicates spreading a good habits to the outside.

Apart from that there are many kind of Covid 19 tattoos which are spreading rapidly among people. They are very artistic and can be seen as an interesting theme appropriately.










































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