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Coolest Outfits Dad Made For His Daughter

Sewing is a wonderful art which can be created by more experienced people to that field.  According to the Demilked,  there’s a beautiful story of a person called Michael Gardner began to do sewing of various outfits for his daughter with the intention of develop his bond with the daughter. Moreover, he tried to make those outfits even for 6 years in the future. He planned to dress his daughter when she turn in to 6 years older than she was.

The Gardner has made about 200 of outfits for his daughter so far. The intention of the Gardner was only to make his daughter feel comfortable and awesome and it became a reality when his daughter always appreciates her dad and her outfits made for her. Today, Michael Gardner has his own vlog called “Daddy Dressed Me” which has become viral and more popular today. According to him, he always try to teach his daughter how to be confidence herself and also he learn something new when he tries to teach his daughter.

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