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Best Corona Virus Related Pieces of Street Arts (39Pics)

Since the Covid 19 pandemic has spread throughout the world, people got used to living a different life style apart from their daily life. All the people around the world got stuck in to their homes since the pandemic get increasingly become dangerous. However, many of people have learnt some new ideas or improved their talents while staying at their homes. According to the Demilked, these are some amazing street arts created by artists around the world. They have drawn these street arts outside based on the pandemic situation as a theme. Therefore, these street art are known as the corona virus street arts.


Image source: welinoo


Image source: iamfake


Image source: teachr1


Image source: tvboy


mage source: tvboy


Image source: ponywave

From the artist’s Instagram:
“We all are going through this together. There is a reason which we will see after all. It’s time to look at ourselves. Take a look at what are we doing with the planet and our lifetime. Maybe we should change our priorities? Maybe we should slow down? Maybe we should take a look around and start respect our planet and all those with whom we share it? Maybe someone is trying to hide some changes? Or economic collapse? Maybe one more step to a new world order?”


Image source: nellopetrucciartist


Image source: Bobone2121

#9 Artist: EME Freethinker


mage source: tvboy


Image source: Richard Juggins


Image source: balstroem


Image source: coriemattie


Image source: the.rebel.bear


Image source: the_hula


mage source: ojc9


Image source: EditedThisWay


Image source: angusart85


Image source:


Image source: johndohart


Translation from Chinese – “Nothing to see, carry on.”

Image source: lushsux


Image source: princess_t2na


Image source:

Translates to: Not every hero wears a cape. Thank you! (Translation credit: Draco Malfoy)


Image source: the.rebel.bear


Image source: crkshnk


Image source: gnashermurals


Image source: johndohart


Image source: jasonnaylor


Image source: Jilly Ballistic


Image source: Hookedblog


Image source: jeremynovy


Image source: subset


Image source: Welinoo


Image source: lionel_stanhope


Image source: muckrock


Image source: rubenrojas


Image source: diff_artist


Image source: jillyballistic


Image source: angusart85


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