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Animal Portraits Created with Seashells (30pics)

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic situation, millions of people around the world have isolated themselves into their houses and they have used to some interesting hobbies like learning cooking, do exercises, gardening, do some sports, paintings, singing, dancing etc. to spend their times. According to the Bored Panda, the New York based artist, Anna Chan who is also a jeweler and designer has started sculpting since she has come up with the idea of creating beautiful symmetrical mosaic and real life animal portraits using seashells.

During the interview with Bored Panda, Anna said that the time is depend on the sizes of the particular creation. As she stated, it takes about 03 days or week to finish a large creation. However as much as the creation gets beautiful it is very challenging to find right pieces of seashells. It is getting more challenging and complex as the creation gets high value and larger. The work becomes more detailed and dimensional, which requires extra care and precision while putting them together.

She shared the whole procedure of creating animal sculptures with Bored Panda. According to her, she often use raw materials like beach sand and water when doing these works. The challenge is making sure the sand is moist enough to be compact. Adding seashells together as a puzzle and finding the seashells to put them on a right placement take some long time but the effort is to getting a better outcome. There are lots of animal sculptures created by Anna are as follows.

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