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Amazing Origami Pieces to Celebrate World Origami Day (16pics)

The World Origami Day is celebrating on 11th November in each year. Japanese people celebrate this days honors to their ancient Japanese art of creating various objects using pieces of paper. The word, Origami is a Japanese word and it came from hundreds of years ago. However, Origami is a mainstream in Japanese society and they use them to decorate in several festivals, ceremonies etc. this art of Origami has become very popular all around the world in recent years. The specialty of this is people do not use any scissors or knives while creating Origami and it is only about folding papers. In order to celebrate the World Origami Day, people have created various paper arts. According to the Demilked, the below pictures are amazing Origami paper art created by artists six years ago to celebrate the World Origami Day.


Image source: Gen Hagiwara


Image source: Hoàng Tiến Quyết


Image source: Cristian Mariancuc


Image source: Artur Biernacki


Image source: Tran Trung Hieu


Image source: Hoàng Tiến Quyết


Image source: Roman Diaz


Image credits: Hideyuki Kamon


Image source: White On Rice


Image source: Patricia Crawford


Image source: Beth Johnson


Image source: Akira Yoshizawa


Image source: Dinh Truong Giang


Image source: white_onrice


Image source: Cristian Mariancuc


Image source: Ng Boon Choon


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