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Amazing Abandoned Castles Worthy To Be Explored

Abandoned castles are special and unique in nature. And also, people are chasing for them because of the curiosity and willingness to explore them. However, these places are not ordinary or normal. There is any kind of hidden story has based on these places. Some of them have a great history and legends. Therefore it is an interesting fact to discover these kind of places without wasting time. This article brings about amazing abandoned castles worthy to be explored in the world.

01. Caerlavarock Castle, Abandoned Castles in Scotland

This castle can be known as a medieval masterpiece, which was built in 13th century. This beautiful castle is located in southern coast of Scotland. This building looks like mostly defensive in nature. The castle’s residents are the Maxwell family before many years ago. However, this castle become abandon place in the 17th century. Since then, it has become a public sites of visitors now.

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02. Ballycarbery Castle, Ireland

This castle draw back to many years ago in 1398. However, during this period, this castle had residence. Stone walls and unique structure showcase the defensive nature of the castle. Some parts are damaged due to the attack of Oliver Cromwell troops in 1600s.

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03. Sammezzano Castle, Abandoned Castle in Italy

This royal palace dates back to the 17th century. By 19th century, this became a Moorish Revivalist style with reconstructions. This castle have about 365 rooms. Each room has different colors and designs. However after the World War ll, this castle became a luxury hotel. But it was closed in 1990s.


04. Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

This castle belongs to the early middle ages of 15th and 16th centuries. There were many residents in this castle over the years. Among them, 4th Earl Marischal, a guardian of Mary, Queen of Scots were popular residents. This castle survived with many dramatic battles. However, it became abandon in 1925. But now, it is open to the public.

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05. Bannerman Castle, United States

Bannerman castle is located in a small island alongside the Hudson River. Upon the Spanish-American wars, this became a warehouse of military weapons. This house belongs to the businessman Francis Bannerman. However after his death in 1918, it becomes a ruins due to explosion of bombs inside the building.

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06. Gwrych Castle, Wales

Lloyd Hesketh Bamford Hesketh built this castle during the period of 1810-1825. This castle take gothic style. It has about 128 rooms along with 28 bedrooms and other areas. the castle became a house for 200 refugees during the World War ll era. This became completely abandon in 1980s. However, after many years it has become connect with nature. But the visitors to this place states that it is haunted.

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07. Pidhirtsi Castle, Ukraine

This castle was built in 17th century. Emperors and kings described this castle as one of the most beautiful castle in Europe. This castle is a luxury place along with many items. However this castle became a place for tuberculosis patients in the 20th century. It faced a fire in 1956. Restorations began in 1997. Now a part of the castle is a place for hosting some events.

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08. Matsumoto Castle, Japan

This castle is very beautiful and showcase the Japanese cultural heritage. It is a great stonework creation in 16th century. Because of its nature, it also known as Crow Castle. Lord Matsumoto ruled the castle. This castle located around cherry blossom and water. This is a great treasure of Japan. Even though these castles remain abandoned in the world, they are treasure for another many years.

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