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Abandoned Pianos in Abandoned Places in United States

It is weird when we heard about forgotten pianos. Someone may think that how could someone forget their adorable piano which was used as a treasure at once. As music heals human minds, piano is a part of that healing process? A player should be skillful to have and play a piano. We have heard lots of musicians in the world history who have played piano as part of their lives. However, now or then, undoubtedly if someone used to play a piano, they surely used it as a treasure of their lives. Because, minimum number of people get used to play beautifully. They love music and they love to play whatever the music instrument they prefer. And also they are bound to protect their own instrument adorably. This article bring about abandoned pianos in abandoned places in United States.


A beautiful Steinway & Sons piano inside the sanctuary of an abandoned Presbyterian church


A beautiful Victorian home still houses a Lester upright piano.

How they Have Become Abandoned Pianos?

However, the problem may arise if that kind of musicians love their music life and music instruments that much, how this kind of topic appears with such incidents. Therefore, it is sorrowful factor that pianos are abandoned until now.


A Cunningham piano in a dilapidated Victorian house


Abandoned music room since the nineties, where only this New York Sohmer & Co. piano remains

Apparently, these pianos are old more than hundred years ago. These abandoned pianos are found when search of some abandoned places in United States. Pianos are found in search of Victorian houses, hotels, old boarding schools, theatres and more. Pianos in various categories were found then. Lester, Cunningham, Poole, and Steinway & Sons pianos varieties are among them.


Deep in the middle of a vast forest, upright piano is suffering from excess humidity and exposure to the elements


Poole piano in a wooden house where there is no one lived since 1980s


Poole piano in a wooden house where there is no one lived since 1980s


Steinway & Sons grand piano in this house was abandoned for more than two decades.


The owner, who was certainly a music lover, abandoned the house, leaving everything behind, including this Cunningham piano.


Two Lester pianos inside the auditorium of the abandoned J.W. Cooper High School in Pennsylvania

Finally, we can say that it’s weird a great instrument like piano can be forgotten. However, these abandoned pianos are great treasure when time passing by.


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