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Abandoned Cities Around the World

We have heard about number of abandon houses, buildings and other places in different corners of the world. These places have become abandon due to many reasons and incidents. This article tells you about some abandon cities which have become ruin around the world. Let’s have a look to abandoned cities around the world.

#1 Pripyat, Abandoned cities in Ukraine

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A major explosion occurred on 26th April 1986 when a chemical substance stored in a nuclear power plant in Chernbyl in Ukraine. At the same time, the radioactive material stored there mixed with air and began to blow out towards Pripyat. They carried out a special operation to rescue more than 50,000 workers who lived there. After this incident, they sealed off the city and later it became one of among abandon cities.

#2 Ordor-Sir-Glenn-France

During the Second World War, massive people who lived here were massacred.  Soldiers came and killed hundreds of hundreds people who supported the uprising against France. However, many thing can still be seen such as burnt buildings, rusty vehicles and sewing machines. The city has completely become abandon.

#3 Hashima Island


Hashima Island is a full of dilapidated buildings. People who worked in coal mines lived here. However, this city has been abandoned for 40 years now. The apartments, buildings and other places are also ruined now. But in 2009, the Japanese government decided to open the island for tourists.

#4 Warsaw Beach, Cyprus

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By 1970s, the Warsaw Beach in Cyprus was a popular destination for rich people. The beach was very famous and the area is full of luxury hotels and restaurants. After the Turkish invasion on Cyprus in 1974, many people left here and did not return. Since then, People has abandoned this place.  It will take more than 12 billion dollars to reconstruct this place as it was before.

#5 Fordlandia, Abandoned Cities in Brazil

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Finally, this place can be known as one of among abandoned cities. People call this place as a project in which all the facilities are connected. An American carmaker Henry Ford has created this place. Due to fungal disease throughout the city, it was become ruined and abandoned.


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