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15 Mysterious Places in the World

1. Easter Island, off the Coast of Chile

This is an island with giant head statues. This island is known as Rapa Nui. This was built between 11 th and 17 th century. It is more than 2000-kilometer miles.

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2. Geoglyphs of Nazca, Peru

Geoglyphs of Nazca, Peru dates back to 500 BCE. It looks like a drawing that can be seen in a huge rock. These drawings took the shapes of monkeys, birds, llamas and other creatures.

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3. Underwater Caves, Mexico

This is the place where the largest flooded cave network in the world is located. This is a place with great history. Animals like giant sloths were also found here 15,000 years ago.

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4. Gobekli Tepe, Turky

Some archaeologists believe this as the first temple in the world. It has great pyramid of Giza which is 7500 years old. It is one of the first urban center in the world.

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5. Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

This is an African site where hundreds of fossils bones and stones were found. The history of this site is dating back to 1.75 million years.

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6. Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

This was a Buddhist temple in the 12th century. Before, it dedicated to the deity Vishnu. this is a top tourist destination and UNESCO heritage site.

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7. The Gate to Hell, Turkey

The history dates back to the 2nd century BCE.

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8. The Antykithera Mechanism

This is the first scientific calculator in history. this is about 2000 years old mechanism and also known as the first computer in history.

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9. The Grave of Richards III, England

The King Richard III died in battle in 1485 and the tomb was found in 2012. It is placed in Greyfriars church in Leicester.

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10. The Voynich Manuscript

This is a book with 234 of pages. This book is from Central Europe and it is 600 years old. The drawings and writing are mysterious and unintelligible.

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11. Altamira Cave, Spain

This is an cave with paleolithic drawings, deer, bison horses drawing. Recent studies has found that these drawings are 35,000 years old. And also, we can say that it was the time when human were starting to spread in Nothern Europe.

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12. The Dead Sea Scrolls, West Bank

These scrolls are date back between 3rd century BCE and 1st century CE. The texts of the scrolls are written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

13. The Pompei City, Italy

This is an architect in 16th century. With the eruption of mount Vesuvius, the city and its inhabitants transformed into statues through volcanic ash and stones. Today, it has become a tourist destination in the world.

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14. The Lost City of Troy, Greece

This city remained with inhabitants in 3000 and 1500 BCE.

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15. King Tutankhamun’s Tomb, Egypt

This coffin was made with solid gold, enamel and precious stones.

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